The first time we bought beads was back in 1977, Suzi and I were at a mall in southern California just enjoying ourselves walking around when we saw that one of the stores was going out of business, the store was a bead store and we thought it might be interesting. The majority of beads were contemporary and of little interest. In front of the store there was a table with various boxes, one of the boxes had these very interesting glass beads and it was priced so low we bought it. It was some time before we learned that these beads were old Venetian hand made glass beads that were made for the African trade. This was the beginning of our collecting beads for the past almost forty years.

Over the years our collecting has expanded, we collect both glass and stone beads. Our collection in both glass and stone beads ranges from contemporary to ancient. At this time our main interest is in ancient stone beads from many cultures around the world. We shop all of the time and once in awhile we get lucky and find truly rare and unusual stone beads. We continue to purchase glass beads when we see something out of the ordinary and many of these purchases are of beads that are beads that are almost impossible to find anymore.

We hope that you enjoy seeing all of our beads and perhaps find one or more that you would like to add to your own collection.