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The best reason we can think of is experience. In 1978, I quit a very good trade as a journeyman machinist to become a full time Lapidary. My love for Lapidary has helped me to become one of the top in this field. Examples of my work can be seen on this website Daniel's Artwork. In the January, 1991 read article here and October, 1998 issues of Lapidary Journal read article here. This expertise and love of stone has also led down some very interesting paths.

In1987, I was hired as a consultant to go to The Peoples Republic of China, where my job was to help set up a cutting factory and to select and purchase Chinese Turquoise. This was the first of many trips I have made to China.

Over the past thirty-one years the cost of lapidary equipment has risen at such an alarming rate, it has made it almost impossible for an aspiring Lapidary to enter into the profession. I saw this coming twenty-one years ago, so on my second trip to China I started searching for good quality Lapidary equipment at a reasonable price. The first items I imported were 4 and 6 inch saw blades.

In 1994, the blade sales went into the thousands, and the decision was made to devote full time to this new business. Our company started to advertise in late 1995 with our first product, saw blades. The customer response was very encouraging, so we decided to expand our line and to find more and more good quality products at what we feel are very fair prices. Our catalog of products has grown over the years, and with your support it will continue to do so.

All of our products are selected for quality first, and then price. We feel that many of the items we offer are far superior to similar products on the market, which can cost as much as four times our price.

Don't let our low prices scare you off --------- everything comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will either refund your money or replace the item.

We thank all our present and future customers. Our continued goal is to keep searching for better products at a fair price. If you like our products, please tell your friends about them.

Our best and warmest regards from everyone at.
Daniel Lopacki Company

Please take the time to look at the examples of my work on this website Daniel's Artwork . In doing so it should reinforce your confidence in my products. I use my products in all of my current lapidary endeavors.


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