Daniel cut his first turquoise in 1977. He was fortunate enough to meet some other people in this time period that were quite involved in the mining of turquoise in Nevada. With these connections he was shown exactly what the best was in regards to turquoise. So as early as 1980 the majority of the turquoise he used in his work was of the higher quality. By 1986 Daniel had quite a reputation for his jewelry lapidary and bead making. At this point in his career he had been asked to be one of the jewelry judges at the Inter tribal Indian ceremonials that is held in Gallup New Mexico every year in August. Daniel judged the jewelry in 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987.

In April 1987 because of his background especially with regards to turquoise he was approached to be part of a group to do a joint venture in China in buying rough for export and setting up a turquoise cutting factory in rural China. In September 1987 Daniel left the U.S. for Hong Kong and then on into China. Danny spent nine months in the PRC from September 1987 to just prior to the Tiananmen Square demonstrations in 1989 he helped in setting up the joint venture turquoise cutting factory but his main job was spending most of his time at the main mine selecting some of the best quality turquoise to ever come out of planet earth. Then after a layoff of about one year he again started to pursue Chinese rough turquoise, at one point in time he was traveling to China every forty five days. His final trip to China was in 1997 just after Hong Kong went back under Chinese rule